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Professional, Ambitious, Caring Physical Therapy in Southwest Florida

Fitness Quest Physical Therapy is an outstanding place to build your career in the field of physical therapy.

With a strong commitment to professional development and a supportive work environment, Fitness Quest offers numerous advantages for aspiring and well-established physical therapists.

img-Competitive Benefits

Competitive Benefits

  • Student Loan Reimbursement.
  • Competitive compensation
  • $5000 Sign on Bonus for physical therapists.
  • Ownership Opportunities.
  • Clinical Mentorship.
img-Competitive Benefits

Fitness Quest Wants to See You to Thrive

Continuing Education Opportunities

Fitness Quest prioritizes ongoing education and provides ample opportunities for continuing education, workshops, and certifications to ensure that therapists stay at the forefront of the latest advancements in the field. This commitment not only enhances the quality of patient care but also allows therapists to continually expand their skill set.

Collaborative Culture

The team at Fitness Quest is known for its camaraderie and willingness to support one another to achieve both short term goals and long-term vision. This sense of unity not only creates a positive work environment but also leads to better patient outcomes as therapists can draw on each other’s expertise and experience. Each team member has the benefit of being part of a tight knit location team, as well as a larger support team across our 16 Southwest Florida Locations.

Patient-centered Care

Fitness Quest Physical Therapy places a strong emphasis on patient-centered care, focusing on creating a culture of doing what is right for the patient. Our therapists spend more time with their patients on average compared to many other career opportunities. This makes for a more satisfying and sustainable career in physical therapy.

img-Explore Opportunities with Fitness Quest Today!

Explore Opportunities with Fitness Quest Today!

Fitness Quest Physical Therapy is an excellent choice for those looking to advance their careers in physical therapy due to its commitment to professional development, collaborative culture, and patient-centric approach. Working here offers a chance to continually learn, grow, and make a real difference in the lives of patients.

What Our Team Says About Working at Fitness Quest

Fitness Quest has been a terrific opportunity for me. I met them at my college job fair and knew it was going to be a great fit for me. I get more time with my patients and get to stay sharp with the continuing education opportunities. – PTA

I was drawn to Fitness Quest because of the opportunity to become an owner of the practice I wanted to build. There were a lot of places I could take my qualifications as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, but not many places where my skills helped me invest in my future. – Anonymous

If you think you are a good fit for our growing team, please browse our open positions or contact our HR team to start a conversation with a career specialist today!