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The History of Fitness Quest Physical Therapy

Fitness Quest Physical Therapy was founded in 1998 and has been committed to providing one-on-one physical therapy interventions utilizing advanced clinical competency. We emphasize communication and education to the patient and physician throughout the physical therapy sessions.

We have assembled a team of professionals unparalleled in our industry, who pride themselves on setting the standard for quality patient care.  Fitness Quest Physical Therapy is committed to restoring your quality of life. Our staff of highly trained professionals use a combination of therapeutic exercises, manual interventions, functional activities, gait and balance training. and home programming.

Fitness Quest Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing patients with personal attention and delivering care that focuses on individual patient’s needs to achieve maximum functional level.  The patient’s outcome and satisfaction is important to us so we can continue to provide quality and superior care.  Our therapists work diligently with our patients to achieve optimum health and well being.


Delynn A. – “My therapists provided excellent care. They were careful to make sure I was doing my exercises correctly for the most benefit and to prevent further injury. This is a great office that I would definitely recommend.

Christine Z. – “I have been through therapy at a few companies and this is a great office/company! The staff really cares and makes the experience pleasant. I would really recommend this location.”  -Port Charlotte

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